Welcome to our file information site, one of the leading venues for discussions about Windows files since 2005. Our database contains information and ratings for thousands of files. The accuracy of the information presented here is ensured by our research center, the contributions of industry professionals, and a moderated forum.

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How Files Are Scored

Files are evaluated through a technical analysis that focuses on such properties as embedded hidden functions (e.g. keystroke monitoring, launch through autostart, browser monitoring or manipulation) and the type of process (e.g. visible window, system tray icon, DLL, IE plugin, service, etc.). The resulting security score indicates the relative likelihood that the process is malware, spyware, a Trojan, or a keylogger.

  • File is required by Windows or an installed application.
  • File appears to be used by Windows or an installed application.
  • File is neither harmful nor essential. (neutral)
  • File is likely to be harmful.
  • File is spyware, Trojan, adware or a virus.


imageOur file information site is structured as an open moderated forum. This prevents spam and irrelevant postings. Nicole, our moderator, is an IT specialist. Before entering the IT field, she worked for the German parliament for three years. Besides our file information forum, Nicole also moderates other security-oriented forums.

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